Our Sustainable Bamboo

What makes our bamboo sustainable? The bamboo we use for our products is derived from a managed forest in China.  This means that as the bamboo is harvested, it is equally re-grown and replenished. Bamboo is fully matured and ready for harvesting in about 3 to 5 years. This is much faster and more sustainable than most other hardwoods that can take decades to replace.
There are other amazing benefits of bamboo in general.  Bamboo absorbs more than twice the carbon dioxide and releases about 35% more oxygen than regular hardwood trees. Additionally, this plant does not require any pesticides, irrigation or fertilizers to fully grow which means less harmful chemicals to places and people. Also, bamboo roots prevent soil erosion and help retain nutrients in the ground. Not only does it prevent soil erosion but it also requires less water than trees to grow and can even absorb pollutants from water like heavy metals. We strongly advocate choosing bamboo woods over regular hardwoods for any product!


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