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Arches NP
One of our founders at Arches National Park, Utah


GEN Bamboo sprung out of love for the beautiful outdoors… and keeping it that way! As outdoor enthusiasts in the United States, we’ve developed a special relationship with America’s parks. But as beautiful as some parks may be there are still many landscapes in need of preservation efforts. With this in mind, GEN Bamboo is supporting America’s preservation efforts through The National Park Foundation and The National Park Trust. We donate a percentage of our profits in hopes that our actions today will preserve our landscapes tomorrow.

National Park Foundation

The National Park Foundation works to enrich America’s national parks and programs. They safeguard our American heritage and aim to inspire future generations of park enthusiasts. Learn more about this foundation at

National Park Trust

The National Park Trust is dedicated to the completion and full appreciation of local, state and national parks. They create future park stewards by engaging young people to natural areas all over the country. For more information on this organization check out

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